Vitasnella Le Linfe - VITASNELLA

─ Afternoon And Evening Event ─


In order to launch the new Vitasnella project about three new flavoured waters, we organised an all day project.
Le Linfe Vitasnella are: Aloe, Coconut and Birch.
BELOW took care of all the aspects, from the ideation, scouting, production and follow up of this beautiful event that took place into an amazing garden in the very center of Milan.
The day was divided into two moments: sport Masterclasses and Big Event/Concert.
The Masterclasses started at early afternoon (around 15.00) to finish at 19.00 when the big event started. Three big classes of around 50/60 people each with three different and cool trainers: Yoga, Real Ball, Pilates.
Together with the masterclasses, we set up two wellness corners, one for body massages and the other for aromatherapy consulting.
Form 19.00 on, the big performance party started.
The stage was opened with the live performances of three singers of Amici followed by 30/40 minutes performance of FEDEZ. The party continued with DJ sets playing till the end of the event.

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